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    Failed to pubish 3rd Party updates. Failed to signed package; error was: 2147942403




      I'm using SolarWinds Patch Manager version 1.80.785.0 and been using it for almost two months without any issue.

      Was able to publish 3rd party packages with no issue.


      Last week, I've moved the WSUS folder from D:\ to F:\ due to storage reasons.

      Instead of using wsusutil movecontent, I manually moved the whole folder by

      1. Disabling Update Services
      2. Copy and paste D:\WSUS to F:\WSUS
      3. Shared WsusContent and UpdateServicesPackages and allowed everyone full rights for Sharing Permission
      4. Gave Network Service, WSUS Administrator, System and local administrators full rights, gave Users  read & execute for WSUSContent and UpdateServicesPackages.
      5. Change on registry HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup and set ContentDir to point to F:\WSUS


      Now, I'm unable to publish any third party packages with the error:

      Details: Failed to publish "Insert 3rd party patches here". Failed to sing package; error was: 2147942403


      No issues with Windows updates though.

      Existing 3rd party packages deployed earlier has no issues too.


      What else is required to be done when moving WSUS folder?



      Shaiful Busari