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    MACRO SQL ERROR - Incorrect syntax near...


      Hello SolarWind community!  I'm pretty green when it comes to SolarWinds, so please forgive me if I ask more questions.


      My issue:


      In Orion's Event logs, I am seeing "random" messages with no further information than " MACRO SQL ERROR - Incorrect syntax error near '.9' ".  It seems to be perhaps an alert on transmit or received utilization on some of our routers.  Since I am new at this job, I do not have much background on the alerts aside from what I have been scouring through.  Long story short, I cannot find ".9" in any of the alerts and I'm not sure how to track this down.  Litterally the only information in the event log is what is in quotes above, a timestamp, and a node when I roll over the event.  Any direction in solving this issue?  Our event log has been filling up with this error.  Thanks!




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          I've been fighting the same issue.  I was advised to disable alerts and enable one at a time to troubleshoot.  When I've got time free to spend in the lab I can check that out.  Unfortunately nobody has been able to give me any troubleshooting steps that did not involve disabling alerts--not an option in production network.  I also am seeing the alert seemingly tied to interface utilization and the alerts I have tied to them.  I'm unable to determine which interface utilization alert is involved.


          None of the alerts tables in the database show this information when that event is getting written to the event log.