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    Can NTA do multi point flow analysis / correlation


      Using NTA 3.10 right now.  New VP of IT brought in Riverbed to demo Cascade.  I see two advantages to Cascade and want to see if NTA can do something similar, as we have the product but have never fully utilized (or mastered) it.


      Cascade can take flows from multiple sources are correlate and dedupe the flow data to show you end to end flow for an application / endpoint / etc.  Can NTA do the same?  Is something like this planned if not?


      Cascade can take span port data and ingest it as well.  Not fully sure of what it does with it yet on our demo box, but it looks like it takes connection rates and things like Avg Bits/s, % Retrans Bits, Avg Resets/s, Avg Resp. Time (ms), Avg Net. RTT (ms) and Avg Server Delay (ms) into account.


      Looking for a little hope and some facts to defend our Orion NTA install.