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    Question on tracking a failure in a SEM transaction




      Ran into a recent request from development for our Orion environment that showed me that our Orion environment needs SEM, so I am looking at the demo site... specifically the "FogBugz on Fogbugz add new case from Tokyo Server" which appears to be setup as an example of a failure.  My question is the error message is Action "Mouse over text field" failed. Element 'text field' was not found. But in the "actions" process there are several items labeled "Mouse over text field".  How does SEM tell me which one it is that is failing?  Also is "mouse over text field" a generic label that an admin names when the transaction is setup?  If it is I can see where every action can be given a unique name to solve this.


      I also notice the "active step alert" is empty, is it supposed to be populated with which mouse over text field is failing?




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          The error message that you see on demo site is generated from default action name. this name is given to action during it's creation. When creating the recording, you can rename actions as you need so that it's clear which one failed.

          In general SEUM (now WPM) reports failures on a "step" level. Step is set of actions and it has a status as a whole. If you have some step containing lot of actions, you can manually split it into multiple smaller steps to get more granular reporting.


          Active step alert resource contains any currently active alerts that are related to the step. You can set up different alerts based on step status, step duration etc. This resource is empty on demo site because there is probably no alert set for the step right now.


          If you want to see what can WPM do, you can download our free trial version and try everything by yourself. It's really easy to set up and it takes just a couple of minutes. You can download from product page here: http://www.solarwinds.com/products/seum/web-application-monitor.aspx