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    NTA Install

    park city

      I have NPM, NPM additional web server, 4 pollers and NCM.  NCM is 7.1 and is installed on the same VM that I have my primary NPM server is on.   


      I need to know if my upcoming install of NTA must be installed on the same VM which I have installed NPM or can I install it on a separate VM?  i want NTA to intregrate with my primary NPM webserver  and my additional NPM webserver just like my current install of NCM does.





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          I have NPM installed in our environment and we are currently looking at evaluate NTA, and it looks like you must install NTA on the same server as NPM.  If not, you will receive a prompt to download and install NPM on the new server.



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            I've just purchase NTA along with an additional NPM polling engine. I have basically the same question. Does NTA have to be installed on the same server as NPM or can I install it on another server to maximize hardware performance? Also, if NTA does have to be installed on an NPM server, can I install it on the additional polling engine instead of the main NPM installation?

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                this is what is have, it works well for me with less than 250 users across 10 sites


                Five  VM's each are on their own core. though other non-solarwind light apps can share the same core, ie no oracle, MS snarepoint , ms exchange etc




                • ip monitor
                • ntm
                • orion npm
                • ipam
                • sam
                • VNQM
                • netflow

                VM 2

                • SQL engine

                VM 3

                • eng toolset
                • sftp/scp
                • kiwi syslog
                • ntm

                VM 4

                • NCM

                Vm 5

                • LEM


                With vcentre you can observe the loads and move apps accordingly to your load, user mix


                i hope that this helps you

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