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    NPM Failover Engine DR Scenario Question


      We are looking to implement the NPM FoE for Disaster Recovery.  Which means the redundant NPM server or the FoE would be in a different geographic location (a separate Data Center).  My question is after the failover occurs and the FoE assumes the identity of the primary server, is there a way to tell the FoE to use a new IP Address, one that would be within the network range of the separate Data Center in which it is located?  I would think that the FoE would need an IP Address on the subnet for where it was located.  We need to fully understand the process and I didn't see that stated in any of the documentation that I read.


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          If I am not mistaken, there is a WAN deployment option that matches what you are describing.  It looks like your post was several months back.  If you have not yet moved to FOE, I would discourage you from doing so.  Since the application is mostly DB driven, it almost seems to make more sense to do a boot from SAN option and keep a cold standby at your second data center.  In hindsight, I wish that was the option we choose.  Upgrading the application is then ten times easier.  Application maintenance is a breeze.  Server maintenance follows standard processes.  The only thing you lose is instant failover.  I'm not sure how critical SW is to your environment, so I can't speak to urgency of  recovery time, but because most of the data is stored on a DB that isn't on the same server and typically has it's own failover process, rebuilding the server should be pretty quick.  What is even better is if you can take advantage of running on VMs.  I have not had luck with SolarWinds on a VM, but I've heard it can work and work well.  If you failover a VM to another location, you should be able to do this quickly and without much effort.

          Not having the same options for IPs at different data centers complicates matters a little, but should not prevent this type of solution from working.

          Regardless, I see this is an old post and I hope you already have a solution in place.  I just ran across this while looking for anyone who has posted ways of making FOE more friendly since we already purchased.