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    NetFlow data from unmonitored interface that is monitored!?


      So I keep getting these messages from NTA:


      NetFlow Receiver Service [MainOrionServer] is receiving Netflow NetFlow data from unmonitored interface Vlan432 on CoreRouterSwitch. Click Monitor NetFlow source or enable the "Automatic addition of NetFlow sources" option on the NetFlow Settings page to process future NetFlow data from this interface.


      Well, Vlan 432 is monitored.  Oddly enough, it is actually listed twice under List Resources.  Once as "unrouted VLAN 432 - VLAN-432" (that I am not monitoring) and once as Vlan432 · VlanDescription" that I do monitor.


      So is the real problem that list resources sees the same VLAN twice, and that confuses NTA?  The box is a WS-C6509-NEB-A with a Sup 720.