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    LEM 5.5 RC General Feedback

    nicole pauls

      Hey Folks,


      To get this party started, I thought I'd start a general feedback thread. Here's some thoughts we've collected from some early RC feedback:


      • For new customers: we should update the Getting Started on the Ops Center Dashboard to better highlight the new cool automated discovery. Also, tweak the accompanying video. We're on it.
      • Update the docs to highlight the new widgets and functionality - these will go live with the general availability of the release.
      • Sometimes you get a phantom "User Logon" widget up in the top right - maybe you've seen this one, maybe not. Don't let them drive you crazy, just remove them (click the "x" - you can add one back if you change your mind and don't already have one).
      • Sometimes the Details chart axis start at -2... though sometimes I think I'd like -2 events, it'd be nice if some got taken OFF the pile rather than just added on.
      • It'd be nice if you could see AD user details in the User Details widget (top right) area.
      • The individual event drill-down going to Event Explorer is useful, but we need to add a few more things here to make it even more useful.


      Anything you'd add to this list? Ideas you've had since using the new dashboards/widgets or running through connector discovery?