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    Parse a parameter for Email Alerts?




      I was just curious if it possible to parse a parameter for an email alert on LEM.  We're getting a specific alert that includes a "Warning Message."  Part of that message is the machine that is causing the alert and it's not included anywhere else in the alert.  The message is kind of long so I'd like to pull out just part of it.  Is that possible?



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          nicole pauls

          So, let me see if I got this straight - the "WarningMessage" field (probably of a ServiceWarning) alert contains a bunch of stuff, including a string that you are interested in, and you want to extract JUST the part you're interested in to put in an email?


          If so, unfortunately not. What we could look at doing is updating the connector to extract just the info you're interested in and put it in ANOTHER field (like ExtraneousInfo) if it's generally useful and others would be interested in doing the same thing. Sometimes we repeat or extract different data there when people are interested in correlating/thresholding on that specific field or need just that one field. The connectors are often a general solution when it comes to service and system messages since they tend to be noisy and generic when we integrate them. If you want us to take a look at whether that's feasible, a sample of the original and the formatted alert in LEM would be helpful.


          We've talked about being able to glue fields together for emails, but never take them apart, so this would make a good Idea/feature request, too.

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              Thanks for the response.  We're getting the messages from our IAS server.  It was kind of strange, it seems like depending on if the account was unknown vs not authorized we got different messages.  I think I was able to find another message that got me what I needed but had slightly less detail.  (Which didn't matter since I couldn't pull it out anyway.)  I think I'm good for right now, thanks for your help!