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    Issue with acessing a report from the WebConsole

    Richard Nicholson

      I have 2 reports that I have modifiedfor a group at my company.  They are both availability reports during business hours for this group.  When I test the reports in the report writer they work fine and the preview shows up.  I save the reports, and head over to the Web Console.  Try to run the 2 new reports, and they will run but no data populates, and a message stating "No activity to report" is all that I see.  When in fact there is a ton of activity/data that should be populating.


      Both of these reports were modified off of the Availability - Last Month report.  All I did was add my own filters with my custom properties and a Time Frame filter for the business hours.  Saved both reports with new names to give them separation.  Again they both work and populate data when used in the report writer, but not when I use them from the Web Console.  I have also created other reports and these are working in both places.


      Any ideas or logs I can run through or post on here to have checked?