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    HP H3C Devices backup Running config



      we use the Huawei also for the H3C switches, but ""screen-length disable" is missing when executing the "display current-configuration".

      Now you can see the some strange behavior in the output and makes complicated.



      irf auto-merge enable

         [16D                 [16D undo irf link-delay

      irf member 1 priority 32



      undo ip http enable

         [16D                 [16D#

      mirroring-group 1 local


      Any Idea ?

        • Re: HP H3C Devices backup Running config
          Steve Welsh

          Hi drbest,


          I'm presuming on the H3C switches, you receive paging prompts of either:

                 ---- More ---- 


               ------ More (Press CTRL_C to break) ------


          Therefore as the paging has not been disabled, what you are seeing are the resultant characters which the H3C responds with after CatTools sends a 'space' character to move onto the next page of data.


          Try using the 'Generic.Device' device type for the H3C switches and then use the Device Variations feature to override the Disable paging and Show Running Config command fields (from within the Additional Commands tab).


          • Set the Disable paging field to:                screen-length disable
          • Set the Show Running Config field to:     display current-configuration


          Please post back if this works.