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    Resetting Performance Statistics




      I'm using NPM 10.1 and I was looking for an answer to this in the support library, but my searches weren't getting the hits I need and asking here may be faster.


      Is there a way, short of deleting nodes and re-adding them, to reset performance statistics such as Average Response Time, Average Availability, and Average CPU Utilization?


      Ideally I'd want to keep historical data and just insert a start date and time from which it bases the calculations for these fields. But if I can't, that's fine, I'll dump the data before the reset.


      We made some substantial changes to our network and want to restart the statistic calculations from scratch.




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          There is no way to set a baseline date for the data to be the starting point for calculations.  The best way would be to either remove the data specific to that node, or change the data retention settings globally so that the data in the DB is not older than the date you want to use as a baseline.  That way, when maintenance is performed, it would clear out that older data as long as the Daily retention gets set to what you would have as the "baseline" date, then once the maintenance completes, reset your data retention.



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              So, for instance, in the Orion Polling Settings, I would change my Detailed Statistics Retention, Hourly Statistics Retention, and Daily Statistics Retention to 1 Day.


              Run the Database Maintenance applet.


              After which the start time for statistics would be reset to 24 hours (1 day) before I ran the database maintenance?


              Thanks for the reply.



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                  Correct.  With settings like that, all data would be removed except any that is 24 hours old or newer.  Then after maintenance runs, you set those settings back.  With that data being gone, just remember, your charts and reports will have no history beyond 24 hours.

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