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    Network Atlas and incorrect links


      Hi All,


      I've been using NPM and NCM for a couple of weeks now, and starting to drill down and customise the web interface and I'm having some trouble with Network Atlas and the connect now feature.


      I’ve run sonar discovery, specifying about 20 nodes manually, and then imported them into NPM and NCM (without importing any interfaces, only CPU etc). The problem arises when I drag all these nodes into Network Atlas (one distribution switch and 19 access switches, for example) and then use the connect now function - most of the links are correctly identified, but I've noticed that some links are being created which don't actually exist.


      Unfortunately I’ve blasted out a load of similar maps, and only noticed at the last moment that it has been creating these incorrect links on a number of occasions. Some times it will be an access switch which is daisy-chained to another is showing as being directly connected to the distribution, or visa-versa... On a couple of occasions I've found a node with 3 links added, when in real life it only has 1.


      I was hoping that someone might be able to point me the right direction as to why this would be happening?