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    Volume alerts not firing consistently


      I am trying to configure a Volume alert to send an email to ${node.emailAddress} when a Windows volume has less than 5% available.  3 outstanding issues:


      1.) The alert will test-fire when I populate the action with an email to my specific email address.  The alert does not fire when using ${node.emailAddress}.  Testing the alert returns:


      "Email 'DJPSWTESTING08A has a volume in a critical state - PLEASE READ' from '"ORION" <orion@beallsinc.com>' to '' has been handed to the local mail handler for alert NEW Bealls Disk Space Utilization Alert. However, the mail handler had the following error:  Email message sent via SMTP Server smtp.bealls.com To: From:"ORION" <orion@beallsinc.com>

      2.) When the alert does successfully send, it returns the custom property fields but not their values.  I have attached the trigger, the email action message, and the email I receive on test.


      3.) Randomly, this alert did fire correctly once, and INCLUDED the volume statistics.  The only possible variance when this occurred was when i used my own email address as the recipient.  I have not been able to reproduce this success.


      Any help would be appreciated, its driving me bananas