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      hi, im new to this product can any one help me in creating a dashboard, of three different region in which it should show the availability of Access Points, Access Switches and routers for the purticular Region?


      again i want to create a second view window where three saperate regions are showen with it's offices' availability in percentage during the day.


      i want to know the steps, do i have to create groups? views reports or waht and where should i join them. this view will be showen to specific user only.



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          I do it using Custom Properties. You can bring up the Custom Properties editor on your Solar Winds server. What these let you do is create columns with useful meta data. These columns can then be used as filters in reports. So you then create reports that use the custom property to filter. I for example have a region custom property. I then have reports for individual regions by using filters. This can also be handled using groups. I just find custom properties to be a little easier to maintain and then use groups with dynamic queries to bunch certain characteristics up, such as device type and region. I then stick these reports on a new view. Easy enough. So in short:


          1. Create custom properties

          2. Create reports that use the custom properties

          3. Display in a new view


          If you need more detail let me know.