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    Issue with Account Limitations


      We had the same issue in SEUM 1.0 and unfortunately we see it again in WPM 2.0.

      If I set up a Account Limitation for an user (Single Transaction) this user will keep being able to see events and alerts from all other users transactions.

      In our case, we would like to create users for differents customers and let them see only some transactions that are related to theirs business. One customer should not see what is going on with transactions from others. Sometimes these customers are competitors in our country. It will be a bit constraining if they see events and alerts from each other.


      Developers team, please, try to resolve it!


      Thank you.

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          Hello Souza,


          the fact that the Last XX Events and All Triggered Alerts resources on Orion Summary as well as Events and Alerts tabs are not limited is known issue. However as for the resources, you can use the ones provided by WPM itself (Last XX Events and All Triggered Alerts that can be found on Transactions Summary). The WPM resources respect account limitations so these resources will show to your users only events/alerts that they are supposed to see.