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    Busy Hours with Aggregated Statistics


      Does anyone have any experience of using historical daily statistics for busy hour calculations?


      I want to report the highest hourly average traffic load in bit/sec for a given interface on a given day (or week/month), for example:


      I can query the InterfaceTraffic_Detail and average all the In_Averagebps samples for each hour and return the highest value in the day. OK.

      I can query the InterfaceTraffic_Hourly table and select the highest In_Averagebps in the day. OK.


      However, if I query the InterfaceTraffic_Daily table and select the In_Maxbps, am I getting the highest hourly average or the highest hourly maximum in the day?


      In other words, what is the 'hourly to daily' aggregation algorithm and will it allow me to return the highest hourly average utilisation by day?


      Thanks in advance.