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    NPM and NCM integration with SCOM-2012


      Guys, There is a situation in my current environment.

      Currently our client is using Solarwinds NPM and NCM, it is a migration to SCOM 2012(under SCCM 2012 suite).

      Now there are certain functionalities of Solarwinds that are next to impossible using SCOM 2012.

      After searching over the web, found a solution that there is one management pack available from Solarwinds(Orion MP 1.1.1)  that could be helpful.

      Now, it also state that it is compatible with SCOM 2007, not with SCOM 2012.

      How true is that, If anyone could help in this case.

      And if it not compatible, what is the approach for Solarwinds(NCM & NPM) integration with SCOM 2012.

      Please suggest......!!