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    Change clock to 24h view?




      is there a way to have all the clocks dispalyed in 24h AND english language?

      At the moment i can only choose.. using de-DE - with german as language and 24h clock or using  en-US for using english but then always with 12h view.


      tia for your help



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          I'm afraid, that you will not be able to display 24h clock when you will use English language locale, because English culture doesn't use 24h clock format. Intention was to display hour format by culture specific habit, therefore in de-DE you see 24h clock format.

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              thanks for your response.  I feared, that there is no way to do this. As we're a company spread over europe - common language is english, but we all use the 24h clock.  Before I updated my NPM to the latest and greatest version the clock was in 24h mode (as the culture was set to auto) and the language was english  -  I thin because there were no german localisation before.

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                I'm not sure I'd agree with that statement... I am English and a big user of the 24 hour clock. Most English documentation is in 24 hour format (timetables, TV listings, etc) so I'd say it is a part of English Culture; at least in terms of written times. About the only time we resort to a 12 hour clock is in spoken English.

                Of course, the best option would be to give the user the option to specify their time dispay style. Personally I prefer YYYY-MM-DD style for dates, but I know that would confuse most people (although given we're dealing mostly with techies here, that may not be so much of an issue!)

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                I'm in Australia and we use the English language and 12 hour clock but I just found the following on my server. This may help you?



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                  Hello NaNtron,


                  Try superfly99 answer:

                  Control Panel ->Clock, Language, and Region -> Change the date, time, or number format.

                  Change Short time and Long Time to HH:mm and HH:mm:ss.