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    NPM 10.4 - Change NetObj ID in a SubView


      I have recently upgraded to NPM 10.4 and have created a number of SUB-VIEW tabs which represent several routers I want to be able to quickly monitor.


      I set up the first tab exactly the way I want it and now I want to "COPY" it to the other tabs so as to accelerate the process of setting it up. I "CLONED" the sub-views without issue. Each of the subviews is now exactly like the original, including NetObj Id (i.e., they're all showing the same charts for the same router).


      What I want to do, now that I have "clones" of the original subview, is go in somehow and just EDIT the NetObj ID and put in the NetObj ID of a DIFFERENT router.


      Every time I try it, it ALMOST works, except it doesn't ever show the right graph-- rather, it shows the original graph with the original router.


      HOW can I make this change so I don't have to go in an meticulously set up each and every one of the charts to the new object. Each subview is exactly the same except for the router object being displayed?


      (Here's a screenshot showing what I mean-- hmm, it won't post it. So I'll attach it.)


      THANKS for any assistance!



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          I'm affraid, that initial purpose of SubView was better organize resources for same NetObjectId, therefore wasn't taken into account case what you described. Clone operation now really roughly copy all properties of given resource.

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              As Pavel said, this wasn't exactly designed to do what you are trying. It definitely makes sense. There is a way you can automate this if you are handy with SQL, but it's not very easy :-)


              When you add a new subview, a new view is created. You can get the view ID in the URL (when you click the subview, the URL will be something like the View ID is 64). Once you have the view ID, you can list all resources on the view in SQL (select ResourceID from Resources where Resources.ViewID = 64 and Resources.ResourceName = 'Custom Object Resource'). Next, you can use the ResourceProperties table to list the properties for that Custom Object Resource - select * from ResourceProperties where ResourceProperties.ResourceID = 731 (or whatever your resource ID is from the previous step). You can also easily find the ResourceID by clicking the name and looking at the URL again.


              Here you will see the full resource configuration.




              As you can see, you can see the NetObjectID and update it directly there. If you tie these queries together, you can update them in bulk. If you are only doing a few resources and 3 to 5 pages it's probably not worth the effort (or if you don't have a lot of SQL experience).


              I know it's not what you were looking for, but hopefully it helps you to understand how it works.

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                  Thanks for the response regarding doing this in SQL. That is exactly what I was expecting / hoping for.


                  I do not have many pages (this time) to do so I don't mind updating the instances by hand-- but it would definitely be a pain to have to sit and point-n-click my way through it all :-)


                  Thanks, I'll give this a whirl and see how it goes.


                  I appreciate both the respondent's time and assistance!! (And anybody else who chimes in too :-)



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                  I probably should have said but it didn't occur to me (sorry), that the way I set this up was to go to the Router Interface page I was interested in, set up that page the way I wanted (just for reference) and then created a BRAND NEW page in the Home/Summary sub-views area, with CUSTOM OBJECT RESOURCE widgets. I then set up the first one to match the Router Interface page I had created, and then THAT is what I copied. So each sub-view is a set of CUSTOM OBJECT RESOURCE widgets, wherein each is selected the (supposedly) correct Node and Interface to work with. All I want to do on the SUBSEQUENT (Cloned) views is to change the Node and Interface to the next router on the list.


                  This is NOT an issue related to the Interface Detail page for a specific object.


                  Sorry for any confusion!