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    Is Open Manage Required for SNMP traps on Dell DRAC?


      We have a number of Dell servers that use DRACs - I have seen in various other posts on thwack how people have managed to create UnDPs for polling stats from DRACs - we do not have Open Manage installed (and my manager doesn't want to use it), so trying to create these pollers fails.  I only have access to the very generic (product info) and (global system status) OIDs.


      Within the DRAC web interface however, I have the ability to specify an SNMP Trap server, and check which items I would like to send snmp traps on.  Orion appears to be receiving informational traps like "server3. Patrol Read operation started for Integrated RAID Controller 1." and  "server3. battery on Integrated RAID Controller 1 completed a charge cycle."  Am I to believe that all SNMP traps are working?  I don't like relying on a guess, but without being able to create a custom poller on a particluar ID, I have no way of knowing, short of a failure, whether or not the correct trap will be sent to Orion - can anyone shed any light on this?



      Steve Duff