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    Kiwi Syslog 9.3.3 is Now Generally Available


      Kiwi Syslog v9.3.3 is now available for download in your customer portal, for those of you who have an active maintenance.


      Below is a list of the changes in this version.


      We hope you enjoy this new release of Syslog!



      • Product maintenance renewal notifications
      • Support for Windows 2012
      • Support for Windows8
      • Support for SQL Server 2012
      • Support for Internet Explorer 10
      • Support for SolarWinds Licensing


      • Fixes for the issue of Email text containing "< and >" being stripped out

      Known Issue

      • Sound will not play in alert actions when set to play once. The suggested workaround is to enable the sound to play from 2 to 200 times.