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    Kiwi CatTools v3.8 is now available!


      Kiwi CatTools v3.8 is now available for download in your customer portal, for those of you who have an active maintenance.


      This release is mostly about fixing issues and making improvements related to support of very visible devices, in the market place (e.g. support for Palo Alto, SonicWall and several other improvements to already supported devices such as F5 BigIP new OS versions).

      You can view the full set of release notes, including problems fixed here.


      We hope you enjoy this new release of CatTools!

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          It's good, BUT!!!

          New release don't support Alcatel-Lucent 7750SR routers


          Tech support wrote to me earlier (case 314415 and 248250)


          "Case #314415 - "Alcatel-Lucent 7750SR support"

          Hi Alexey

          Thanks for contacting Solarwinds support

          As far I can see this featurer request its indeed scheduled for feature


          Unfortunately I wouldnt be able to advice you when the release would be

          out as of now





          I do not see this feature????



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            It would be better if the group in CatTools will appear as folders in Explorer, which you can open and minimize them.

            This is useful when we set up a lot of devices