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    I need help figuring out why I can get my storage manager to give me performance info on a windows 2008 server and any info on my 2008r2 server


      I have muliple servers setup with agents running and I don't have a problem with them.  I have 2 windows servers a win2008  and the other is win2008r2.  The win2008 server I can aleast discovery and see that the agent is running through the storage manager, the win2008r2 and I can't even get the storage manager to see the that the agent is running.


      The window 2008 server I can see drive info but no performance statistics and on the wind2008r2 I basically get no info.

      I had solarwinds support help me and we can't find the problem anywhere.


      Does anyone have an idea of how I can troubleshoot this?