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    The need for an IT Self Service Portal?


      How cool would it be for any manager or employee to access a single portal in which they can access the complete overview of their back-end systems within their department and team, placing the managers in complete control of their department needs.


      What I'm currently thinking about is

      • The system must be linked to HR system that contains information about employees
      • The system must be able to provide a good insight in the total cost per employee (desktop + licenses?)
      • Users and managers must be able to request items like: new user/ exchange account, password reset, ask for new AD rights and request new software.
      • Does this new way of managing your IT still require logging to some kind of helpdesk tool?
      • What can we provision, think about Active Directory, Exchange, Directory or Department rights but links vCloud Director to request new Application Servers would be feasible?

      Does anyone have experience in developing or managing such a portal? Please share your thoughts on this.

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          Sohail Bhamani

          This is a great idea for sure.  I have spent time thinking about the pains and troubles of any standard IT department and some of what you have mentioned is exactly in the same train of thought Ive had in the past.  With the introduction of VDI, a users complete environment could be deployed.  It could also be used on the server side as you have described.  There are a number of pieces to this puzzle as well.  There is the HR side connecting the humans, the asset management side to manage the hardware, the software licensing side, the deployment portion, and possibly an ability to link this all to monitoring and help desk software.  T


          Modern corporate network in a fast food type application.


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          Sohail Bhamani

          Loop1 Systems


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              Richard Nicholson

              This is basically be an extension of your Intranet if developed correctly.


              At the company I work for we use SharePoint to deliver this type of portal along with everything else that SharePoint delivers on a daily basis..


              All data is able to correlate nicely with each other through SharePoint, and we are able to integrate some of our HR/IT tools directly into it.


              I don't manage the solution, but our IS departments are very involved in providing input and general layout design to our SharePoint developers.

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                  I have heard that SharePoint can be a great tool for this.  We have just started deploying an internal SharePoint system we plan to use initially for documentation management but we do have plans for more integration into our other systems as we move forward with it.


                  I have always been a huge fan of automation and integration.  On the flip side you often become very dependent on the people that developed the middleware that make it all work as they are the only ones that know how it's put together and are able to make changes when necessary; this can become a liability and risk of not managed properly.

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                    Agreed, sharepoint is a nice out of the box tool that is extensible for this type of thing.  Obviously since it is microsoft/sql there's integration options with AD/FIM/Exchange/etc... However, there are certainly things that could be better, and it would require significant developement time to integrate it everywhere.  It's taken months for our developement team just to get proper teamsites off the ground...

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                  Joep Piscaer

                  I like the idea; but practically, it's nearly impossible to implement without heavy modifications to fit within you own organization; the amount of applications that need to be included in the portal varies widly. I have seen some customization of TopDesk (ITIL-based service management software) to accomodate parts of this kind of functionality, though.