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    LEM integration with SAM?


      Word has it that my SolarWinds SAM product can be integrated into my LEM console... Is this true? if yes, how do I do that?

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          nicole pauls

          Currently, LEM/SAM can share data via SNMP Trap Integration. You can send SNMP Traps from SAM to LEM (or LEM to SAM). For SAM to LEM, this is handy because you can fire events detected by SAM into LEM and they will be co-mingled with other log data for troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and the like. For LEM to SAM, this is handy because LEM can correlate events and send the traps over to SAM where the server & apps team might be focusing their attention.


          You can add LEM as an External Website View in SAM and effectively have a LEM tab in your SAM Console, but right now you can't go the other way around. We're looking at adding more SAM/NPM visibility into LEM downstream, so if you've got ideas here, feel free to share what would be most useful for you!