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    Adding domain and workgroup PCs after the fact


      I've added a workgroup after installation to Patch Manager but it cannot see any of the machines. I've enabled wmi on one test machine but it's still not showing up. Any suggestions?ps

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Managing workgroups in contemporary environments, particularly with Vista and later systems, can be problematic. The key component to populating a workgroup in Patch Manager is the availability of a machine running a NetBIOS Browser service. However, on server operating systems, Network Discovery and the Computer Browser service is disabled by default. On Windows 7 systems, the Computer Browser service is enabled, but Network Discovery is not.


          So first you'll need to determine if you have any systems on the network functioning as a NetBIOS Browser. Most likely, you do not. Enabling the Computer Browser service and Network Discovery on a Windows Server system will give you that. Quite often you'll also need to use a management tool to force a browser election so whatever workstation is currently holding that browser service (which is probably empty), will give it up to the server OS that should be that workgroup's Master Browser.


          This scenario is discussed in Chapter 2 (bottom of page 7 of the Patch Manager Administration Guide.