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    Using Orion to track Inventory


      Hello, I was wondering if anyone is using Orion to track their "on shelf" or "offline" equipment, as well as their online equipment?


      We started putting data in Orion per node for our networking support contracts and expiration dates and other types of data, but then it occurred to us we also have a few routers and firewalls that sit on shelf powered off that also have relevent data(like support contracts).  I was looking at adding these to Orion so when a manager runs a report, for example, of all routers with support contracts it includes the on shelf stuff.


      I am curious if anyone else is using the product in this way and how they may have approached it.



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          I use fake IP Addresses for those type of items(IP's that will never be in my environment). For instance, I will use and up for something on the shelf. I also created a custom field and call it Asset_status where I track the status of an object. Like NP for Non-Production, ACT for Active, and SAL for salvaged devices. YOU could use these or add another like OTS (on the shelf), anyway you get the idea.


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              Yep, thats about what I expected.  And I have started something similar, even used same IP, then set the node as external.  We already have an 'enviroment' field for Prod, Cert, Dev, now with a 4th field for Inventory.  I then use SQL to change the MachineType and Location(also Inventory).


              Thanks for the feedback, something its just nice to know what others are doing so you dont feel like you are way out in left field.