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    Explore Tools (whois, traceroute, & nslookup): Agent not found: uid=10000074


      When attempting to use the explore features of whois, traceroute, and nslookup, I receive the error of "Agent not found: uid=10000074".  Has anyone else encountered this?

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          nicole pauls

          Ah, I know just what's going on.


          The traceroute, whois, and nslookup commands route through an agent rather than requiring you to install some extra component into your LEM console or some other tricksy way that would probably make you uncomfortable about your browser executing commands on disk.


          How it works:

          • The FIRST agent that connects that has the capability to run these commands (i.e. any modern agent) will get assigned the role of "Default Commands Agent"
          • Whenever you use those explorer utilities, the Console will ask the manager to ask the agent to run the command, and as results are retrieved, they are displayed in the Console


          What happened in your situation is that that agent was either deleted or is offline. In the case where the agent is deleted, you'll have to select a new one to take on that role. Other reasons you might want to do that include the ability to choose which "path" or network those utility explorers use (in case you have multiple networks or agents that are external to your LAN).


          To fix it, go to Manage > Appliances, click on "Settings" in the Properties area, and pick a new agent from the "Explorer Command Agent" area's "Default Agent" dropdown.

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