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      Toolset 10.9 Hotfix 2



      Hotfix 2 addresses a potential crash of the Launch Pad application in some environments when there either is no Internet connectivity or there is a proxy in place.




      * Proxy support for downloadable content has been added so that proxy server address and credentials can be set.

      * Parameters in the Toolset Launchpad configuration file (ToolsetLaunchpad.exe.config): ProxyUrl, ProxyDomain, ProxyUsername, ProxyPassword. If you leave ProxyUrl empty then the system default proxy configuration is used.  This system configuration can be changed in Internet Explorer >Internet Options > Connection > LAN Settings, section Proxy Server. If you use proxy server without proxy credentials, leave the ProxyDomain, ProxyUsername and ProxyPassword parameters empty.




      1. Ensure that Toolset Launchpad 10.9 is installed.
      2. Close Toolset Launchpad if it is running
      3. Go to the Toolset installation directory (default: c:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Toolset)
      4. Backup original ToolsetLaunchpad.exe and ToolsetLaunchpad.exe.config files
      5. Replace original ToolsetLaunchpad.exe file with the new one
      6. Replace original ToolsetLaunchpad.exe.config file with the new one
      7. Edit ToolsetLaunchpad.exe.config and set proxy parameters
      8. Launch ToolsetLaunchpad.exe