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    NodeA Interface displayed in NodeB Details


      Hello everyone:


      I hope someone can assist, or point me to another thread that has the answer to this.


      I am trying to create a node (NodeB) that is monitored via ICMP, but displays interface information from an interface that resides under a different node (NodeA). Perhaps if I could associate an interface from one Node, to a different Node, I could accomplish what I'm trying to do.


      Ultimately, I want a view that shows whether a node(monitored via ICMP) is UP/DOWN, but also includes throughput information for the port that feeds it.


      Is that clear, or do I need to re-word it?



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          You can use the "Custom object resource" (COR). It is resource where you can put any resource related to any Orion object. For more info about the resource see admin guide.

          What may fit to your scenario:

          - create a new view of type "Node detail" or copy it from Node Details and add there COR

          - click Preview button in customize view page and copy the url

          - change netobjet in url to NodeB's netobjetid

          - this url you can add to the menu bar or put it into the "User Links" resource which you can add on summary page

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              Thank you for your reply.


              The concern I have regarding that solution (a custom view) is that I would need a custom view for every Node that is setup like this. That could result in building hundreds of custom views for my scenario. Is there a limitation, or reduction in performance when I get to that many views that you are aware of?



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                  I'm not aware of any problems it can cause, but it will be very hard to manage and maintain so many views. I thought that you need it just for a few nodes .

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                    I have one more tip. Orion has "Custom Query" resource where you can put any valid SWQL query.

                    You can define a new "Custom property" for Nodes e.g. RelatedNodeIP where you put IP address of related node (for NodeB it will be NodeA IP).

                    Add a "Custom Query" resource to node detail view and edit the resource and put there a query bellow


                    SELECT n.NodeID, n.IPAddress, ncp.Comments, i.Caption, i.StatusDescription

                    FROM Orion.NodesCustomProperties ncp

                    JOIN Orion.Nodes n ON n.IPAddress = ncp.RelatedNodeIP

                    LEFT JOIN Orion.NPM.Interfaces i ON i.NodeID = n.NodeID

                    WHERE ncp.NodeID=${NodeId}


                    This approach looks more suitable for your needs.