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    Max nodes in NPM




      Does anybody knows what is the maximus number of nodes and interfaces that can be monitored by Orion?


      Does de limit depends on the size of the database or some other external component?



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          Zak Kahl

          The limit is on a per server basis.  Its the total number of elements.  After 12000 elements you need to think about adding another polling engine.  Total elements is the total number of nodes + interfaces + volumes. 

          Assuming you have an unlimited license, Orion won't stop if you go over 12k elements, but polling will slow down a little on all the elements in order to keep up.  The DB is something else that needs to be maintained to keep Orion working at an acceptable level.



          Zak Kahl

          Loop1 Systems.


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            Sohail Bhamani

            I can add to this by saying I have recently worked in a very massive environment that took advantage of a large number of additional pollers to handle the extreme polling needs.  As Zak, mentioned, the DB will have to have some impressive specs to perform adequately in such cases.


            Sohail Bhamani

            Loop1 Systems


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              You can buy more additional poller but it will get more complex to mange this.

              I'm a big fan solarwinds NPM but if you realy have 25,000 routers +100,000 interfaces HP open View/IBM Tivoli are more sutibale

              and its will be only 1 server 1 DB setup.



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                  Sohail Bhamani

                  I agree and disagree with SJA on this one.  If you went with HP OV or Tivoli, you would first be paying a ridiculous amount of money up front and year over year for maintenance.  You will also then be forced to procure professional services for not only the initial setup and config, but also for any on going changes and config until such time as you become knowledgeable enough to handle this your self.  The learning curve is very steep.


                  SW Orion will definitely be cheaper and the learning curve isnt as extreme.  It will require more hardware and licensing, but the long term cost projection will still be significantly lower than those "big boy" monitoring applications.  The days of those apps ruling the massive monitoring world has been over for some time.


                  I agree that you can add additional pollers to extend your polling capacity.


                  Sohail Bhamani

                  Loop1 Systems


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                      I displaced HP OV at my previous employer and my current employer for some of these exact reasons.

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                          HP OV is much more expensive and it NOT better den solarwinds.

                          IF talk about "system scale" you need to monitor SNMP and you have a MPLS network with 10,000 Router/switch + 40,000 interfaces.


                          NPM is getting better from 10.1 but you need to know  "Ninja tricks" to monitor 50,000 elements.



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                          Strongly object to HP OV and similar.  You will be wasting your time and money.

                          I have trailed Solarwinds but found it is not to be sufficient functionally.

                          With so many different Solarwinds products I have found it very hard to create the solution which acts like a single system.

                          Maintenance will also be a great overhead.

                          I have ended up writing my own NMS - Enigma NMS. http://netsas.com.au

                          Largest deployment to date is at Queensland Government where single server manages over 4000 nodes with over 200,000 interfaces a.k.a elements.


                          All l stats are 1 min and never rolled.

                          You can check out following links.

                          Enigma NMS Introduction | NETSAS

                          Enigma NMs Features | NETSAS

                          In Enigma you don't have to worry about maintaining the OS or Database.


                          All following features are built into the same and single product.

                            • Network Performance Monitor – 200,000+ interfaces, 1min stats, never rolled (CPU,Memory,Ping,Errors,Discards,Broadcasts, Traffic Utilisation (Bits/Packets per sec)
                            • QoS Monitor – 50,000+ QoS Classes, 1min stats, never rolled
                            • Port Monitor – Auto detection and monitoring of Layer 2 and 3 trunks
                            • Device Locator – by MAC or IP Address
                            • Dynamic Physical Topology Maps
                            • Application Monitor – with Web Content and Response Time Monitoring
                            • Server Monitor – 1000+ servers, CPU, MEM, File System Utilization, Installed Software and Monitoring of Running Processes
                            • Wireless Monitor – Auto discovered WLC, LWAP, WLAN – VLAN Mapping, Mobile Clients
                            • VM Monitor – Auto discovered VM Hosts, VM Guests, Resource utilisation
                            • Asset Manager – All Hardware and Software modules on all managed devices, historical tracking
                            • IP Address Manager – IPv4 and IPv6
                            • Traffic Analyzer – all versions of NetFlow, unlimited sources, zero maintenance
                            • IP SLA Monitor – 15,000+ probes
                            • VRF Monitor – VRFs, Interfaces memberships, routing, TE Tunnels
                            • Environment Monitor – UPS, Temperature, Voltage, etc.
                            • SYSLOG Monitor – customizable matching patterns and actions
                            • SNMP Trap Monitor – customizable matching patterns and actions
                            • User Activity Monitor – visibility of all commands entered via CLI across all network
                            • Configuration Manager – vendor independent, auto config downloads and scheduled config changes on multiple devices
                            • Maintenance Contract Monitor – proactive notifications on contract expiration
                            • Carrier Services Management – fully customizable to any operational or business requirements
                            • Carriage Bill Validation – minimization of telecommunication expenses up to 10%
                            • High-Availability Cluster – Virtual IP and real-time data replication
                            • Incident and Change Management
                            • Intrusion Detection Monitor
                            • Cisco NBAR Monitor
                          • Integration with LDAP, DNS, NTP, SMTP, TACACS, SMS
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                        I currently help maintain a system with 4 polling engines and we are around 30k elements (and growing). There are some hurdles especially since we upgraded from 10.4, but for the most part the system runs smoothly. The licensing for each additional polling engine is a little expensive. Like other said as long as you have a powerful SQL server you should be fine. (that seems to be the case with any orion product)