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    What features do you require in your helpdesk software?


      Before selecting the right helpdesk software, I want to discuss some of the basic criteria I am using to select the right tool:

      1. Problem management - problem logging; problem identification; call assignments; tracking problems to resolution; alerting personnel if a call is taking too long; elevating a call's status to a higher priority; and problem diagnosis.
      2. CMDB (asset tracking) - serves as a library of information about my organization asset base (perhaps by using automated data collection software?)
      3. Knowledge capture - support technicians should be prompted to add their resolution to the knowledgebase
      4. Reporting & SLA's ( Trend and cost analysis ?)
      5. Automation? Can a customer log his own call? Can thing be automated? like password resets / Application requests?

      These criteria are my criteria that any Help Desk software should offer to be seriously considered.

      Can anyone share his own environment?

      What I want to achieve:

      • Minimize the number of unnecessary purchased software licenses / unaccounted assets and maintain equipment warranties.
      • Minimize the number of calls and number of helpdesk personel.
      • Use as much orchestration and automation where possible.
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          Our requirements are as follows...


          1. Problem management as you have described above
          2. Change management for tracking requested changes, this doesn't need to be tied to an asset system
          3. Knowledge base
          4. Good reporting, this is a must have
          5. Workflow automation; auto escalation, triggering different events based on how fields are set, etc
          6. Customization; having the ability to create your own fields
          7. External database connectors; for importing data from other systems such as customer contact information from SalesForce
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            To byrona's answer I would just add user feedback/evaluation and the ability for the user/customer to track Trouble Ticket workflow/progress.

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              What about using automation?


              I had some presentations about WorkFlow Orchestration where every workflow that can be provisioned by the helpdesk is automated. ( like new account / edit SAM information / disable accounts / create mailbox / add software to your desktop / and many more)


              Is there anyone using that kind of software?, it would probably save a lot of helpdesk calls and helpdesk personel right?

              I have seen so many cases where account's won't get disabled, people who are no longer working with the company can still login