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    VMware polling stopped after ESXi upgrade


      I'm managing our VMware cluster using the standard NPM virtualization interface, and it's been working well. We recently upgraded our VMware cluster from ESX4.1 to ESXi5.0 (inc upgrade to vCenter 5.0), and while the upgrade went well, and NPM can see all the hosts, VM's and SNMP data, NPM no longer get's any summary information for the cluster. All polling stopped after the upgrade completed. By this, I mean, If I click on the 'cluster' in IVIM, all entries for Percent Availability, Effective CPU load, Usage Mhz, Effective Memory Load etc all now don't show any data. In all other respects polling the upgraded cluster seems to be working ok.


      Any ideas







      Orion Core 2012.1.1, SAM 5.2.0, IPAM 3.0, NPM 10.3.1, UDT 2.5.0, IVIM 1.4.0