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    UDT installation in Additional Poller



      Do I need to install the UDT on my Additional Polling engine also?

      If Yes, then where do I download the file for Additional Poller UDT module? What about the licensing part as the UDT license in my Customer Polartal is already used for the installation on the Primary Poller.


      Quck help needed please!


      Thank you!

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          You should be able to find it at your Customer Portal page after you log in.




          Look for it under Home > Latest Downloads For Your Products.


          You might also click on Downloads, then choose Product Downloads, and selected the licensed products from the Products dropdown bar.  Or, scroll further down until you get to the Additional Downloads section and find what you need there.


          If you don't find what you expect, you should first contact your Sales Engineer and verify that your licenses and products are in sync with what you've paid for.


          After that, Contact Solarwinds Technical Support and open a case to get you what you believe you should have access to.  They'll get you set up pretty quickly.


          Swift packets,


          Rick Schroeder

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            If you've got all the licenses already, you may be able to simply install everything you need FROM THE APE.  Here's how:


            First, back up your Solarwinds Orion SQL database.  Then follow these steps:


            1. RDP into the APE
            2. Disable any proxy settings in your web browser, or be prepared to enter proxy user name credentials.  This will allow the APE to get out to the Solarwinds site for any downloads it may require.  It probably won't be necessary, but you should know the procedure just in case you need to use it.
            3. Open a web page to your Main Solarwinds Poller
            4. Click on Settings
            5. Choose All Settings
            6. Go to the bottom of the page, to DETAILS
            7. Click on Polling Engines
            8. In the upper right, click on Download Installer Now


            The APE will reach out to your Main Poller and pull down everything it needs. 


            Then the APE will examine the environment and ensure it is appropriate for the modules and hotfixes it learned about from your Main Poller.


            It will prompt you through all the steps  to install/update everything on the APE.  If you're licensed for all the modules, the Polling Engines installer will do all the work for you, based on what it learned from the Main Polling engine.


            All you need to do is accept all the prompts and help the Polling Engines installer do its job.  It'll stop any services that are required, install what you need, update the database, optimize the web pages, and get everything going nicely.


            Good luck!  It's  a MUCH improved system now, and will soon be even better!