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    HP MSM710 Wireless Controller - Controlled AP's discovery problem


      Hi, I'm a complete newbie to Solar Winds NPM. We have just installed it this week and are busy discovering all nodes on our Network. We seem to have an issue discovering the 9 Wireless Access Points being controlled by our HP MSM710 Wireless Controller. We can see the Controller but have to discover the AP's manually by using ICMP on each using it's IP address. This doesn't give us much information about each AP. The AP's won't connect using the SNMP details used for the controller.


      I've read various confusing articles about UnDP Pollers and MIB's neither of which I know anything about so not sure if that what I'm missing. I have installed the Procurve Wireless UnDP (I think a link was publish somewhere on Twack) but it didn't make any difference to what was discovered.


      In a nutshell I just want NPM to be able to discover the 9 Wireless AP's!


      Any help greatly appreciated.