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    Setting up Universal Device Pollers for UPS

    Neil Amiri

      I am new to Solar Winds, please bear with me.


      1. I am setting up Universal Device Pollers for our TrippLite UPS systems, I have found all the OIDs that I care about, and made a new group called TrippLite_UPS.  There are several items I wish to log historically - like upsEstimatedMinutesRemaining, upsOutputCurrent. There are other items like Model# and Firmware that I do not need to log historically, but would still like to appear when I open the Node's web page. In other words, I don't want a chart showing the Model # for the past week. Is there a way to do this?


      2. Also, other than going to each UPS and finding information, is there a way to make a web page or report with all my UPS systems?


      Thanks much.

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          Hi Neil,



          For item #1:  When you create the UnDP for each oid, there's an option to keep historical data for the poller.  If you choose no, you'll always see the latest result.   I think the best way to show individual items like a serial number or model number is to add the Universal Device Poller Status resource to your node view. It will show all of the UnDP's assigned to that particular node.


          For item #2, there might be an easier way, but this is one way to do it: create a new view by going to Admin > Views > Add New View.  Create it as a Summary view and click submit.  Go down to add resources, and under Miscellaneous choose 'Custom Object Resource'.


          Go back to a preview of your view (use the preview button at the bottom of the customize view screen) and click edit on the object.


          For object type choose Nodes, then under select object resource choose 'Universal Device Poller Gauge' or whatever type you want. 



          Then customize as you will and click submit.   You can then duplicate this resource as many times as you want, and change it for all your UPS'.


          Once you have your new view, you can assign it to one of your menu bars by going to Admin > Customize Menu bars. 


          Hope that helps,




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            Neil, care to share your TrippLite UnDPs on Content Exchange?