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    Wildcard for QoS Alerts


      Hey folks... I found this in the NTA administrator guide on page 105


      For the CBQoS alerts, the default condition is a match on the relevant

      NTA CBQoS Class Map. For example, for the Drops alert, the dropdown

      value of NTA CBQoS Class Map is ‘Drops’. The default values for both

      Class Name and Policy Name is ‘*’. This does not mean that the alert

      triggers if there is a match on any class name or policy name that has

      been returned to Orion NTA from polled CBQoS devices; rather, it

      means that the alert triggers in this default configuration only when the

      value of Class Name or Policy Name is NULL. These trigger conditions

      for Class Name and Policy Name, in other words, render the predefined

      CBQoS alerts inoperable by default.


      The part in red is what I'm interested in.  Is there a way to do a wildcard for these alerts?  I'd like to be alerted when any of my policies experience drops.