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    NetperfMon.mdf is too large,The Disk is not enough.

    Neil zhang

      Hi all,


      The Solarwinds DB is too large ,it used 240GB disk space ,How to decrease this NetperfMon.mdf file, or it will increase more and more ,How to solve this problem .



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          You might want to start by running a shrink on the database to clean up any white space that you may have if you don't already have a database maintenance process taking care of this.  Also, if you database is that big I would be curious to see what your data summarization frequencies are?  If you are keeping data at to detailed of a level for too long this can happen.  Lastly, check your Syslog and Trap tables and see what the size of those are; these tables can easily grow out of control if you are storing too much data for too long.


          Hope this helps; post back here with what you find and the rest of the community and I will definitely try and help.