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    Explain topology improvements?


      We recently upgraded to NPM 10.3.1 and I was hoping the improvements in topology discovery would help me with mapping. I'm not seeing the behavior I expected and haven't found anything in the NPM documentation that really explains how it's supposed to work.


      To explain what I'm seeing a bit, I have a router in Virginia with a 1 Gb link to a router in Atlanta (both Cisco). Each side is plugged into a gigabit port with a an IP in a /30 network. The interfaces on both sides are monitored in Orion. Both routers are part of a sonar discovery. Both routers have layer 2 and 3 topology checked. The Atlanta router has a similar circuit to a router in Texas that is discovered just fine.


      That same Virginia router has several other connections that should be discovered, including another router that sits right next to it with a cable running between the two which isn't discovered. It does find one connection to a switch so it's not as if discovery is failing completely on that router.


      I see lots of other places where connections aren't discovered that I was hoping to see now.


      So can someone break down how the topology discovery is supposed to work and maybe some troubleshooting hints?