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    How to monitor custom App's bidirectional ?




      I looking for a solution for my issue.

      I want to monitor an application bidirectional. I have a Server IP Address and the used Port.

      When I add a new application with source "any" and destination "IP of Server" and a specific port. I'm only able to see the traffic in one way. In this case egress.

      How is it possible to monitor this application bidirectional? I can add this application a second time with source "IP of Server" and destination "any" and the same used port. Now I can see the traffic in the other way in a second application with the same name. Is it possible to merge these two application into one? I think this was working in NTA 3.9, but in NTA 3.10 there are still two seperate applications with the same name. For each traffic direction is a seperate application.

      Please have a look to my screenshot and the application "Exchange".


      Please advise and best regards.