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    NPM 10.4 Release Candidate 1 available


      I would like to thank you for your NPM beta feedback. We incorporated all important updates and fixes and I'm happy to announce that NPM is now available as a release candidate.

      Those who would like to participate, please fill in this survey/RC agreement and I'll provide you with RC links. RC is available for all NPM customer under active maintenance and it can be installed on production servers.


      . In version 10.4, you will find:

      • Extended support for BigIP® F5® devices (including connections, throughput, nodes and virtual pools status polling)
      • Hardware health monitoring (temperature, power supply, fan speed, etc.) for major HW vendors (Cisco, Juniper, F5, Dell, HP.etc.)
      • Support for HP® MSM 760/765 wireless controllers
      • Auditing trail
      • New charts migration
      • Web console UI improvements – subviews
        • performance upgrade (asynchrnous loading of resources)
      • Group limitations
      • Universal Device Poller (UnDP) Improvements
        • Multiple UnDP in a single chart
        • UnDP Parse Transform function
        • UnDP Polling and Retention settings
      • De-duplication of nodes
      • Web based custom property editor
      • Remote poller caching functionality (in case of a connection outage to main server, RP can cache polling data for a short period of time - one hour - and then send results back to central server).

      I'll be glad to hear your feedback. Please use our Thwack RC forum for your comments & thoughts.

      thank you,