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    Customization of PopUp notification in LEM


      Hi Guys


      I was wondering if the was anyway to customize the title of the popup message that users get from LEM.


      At the moment it just says "Information", would be great if I could change this to have the company name or logo for example.


      Any reponse would be greatly appreciated.



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          Perhaps this change is already something for SolarWinds' development team and is not customizable, unless you try looking into the web files if you can change it there. I suggest you highlight this as a feature request for the next release.





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            nicole pauls

            For the active response "send popup message", we're just using windows default popups. You can customize the message contents (the text string that appears in the message), but I don't think it has capabilities to do much more than that. We might be able to use something a little more fancypants and make it a little more customizable. Definitely submit an idea/feature request and we'll look into this one.