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    monitoring Vlan traffic on Procurve 3500yl. Impossible?


      We recently added some cloud server solutions from our carrier. They simply added a subnet to our network and made the cloud accessible through the same physical port that they deliver our MPLS WAN traffic through. Needless to say that started skewing results when we started passing up to 30mbits of additional traffic across a physical port we configured for the 8mbits of MPLS traffic we are allocated.


      As a workaround, we setup tagged vlans on that port (one for MPLS, one for cloud traffic). However when I try to monitor said VLANs in NPM, I see ZERO traffic reported on either VLAN. NPM SEES the vlans, it just doesnt report any traffic. Looking at the old physical. interface monitor I know for a fact its passing significant amounts of traffic. Its just not showing up at the VLAN level in NPM.


      Anyone know of a trick to making this work, or did I just waste engineer time and $$ for a solution that isnt supported in NPM on this hardware?