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    Question about Alert Suppression


      I would like to set up an alert based off of the default "Alert me when a Node goes down" alert.  I would like this alert to be suppressed if a group or groups is/are down.  The issue I am running into is that  under trigger condition tab for the alert to monitor the nodes the type of property to monitor is set as Node.  So it looks like I can not add a trigger condition based off of a group type check.


      Is it possible to suppress any notifications from this this alert by using a check the status of a group condition?


      We are receiving 100+ alerts anytime we have a network outage.  This makes it difficult to use the Alerts to troubleshoot the outage.  I have added groups for the key areas of the network, HQ-Router group for example.  If the HQ -router group is down I do not want to receive the 100+ alerts from all of the nodes that Orion thinks are down because it can not poll them due to the network outage.


      Thank you