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    Interface alerts on a Group of Nodes?




      Running NPM version 10.3


      I'm trying to build an Interface alert that will only trigger when an Interfaces go down for a Group of Nodes called Stores.  I found the following SQL statement in an ealier post, but I receive an error when I attemp to use it.  Any thoughts?


      inner join Nodes on Interfaces.NodeID = Nodes.nodeID

      where (interfaces.Status = 2) AND (

        Nodes.Caption in (Select ContainerMemberSnapshots.Name

          from ContainerMemberSnapshots

            inner join Containers on

               Containers.ContainerID = ContainerMemberSnapshots.ContainerID

        where Containers.Name = 'XXX Stores')


      Here is the error I receive:


      SQL Error:


      -2147217900 - The objects "Nodes" and "Nodes" in the FROM clause have the same exposed names.  Use correlation names to distinguish them.


      I'm not fluent in SQL, but I can copy, paste, and edit with the best of them.  I sure could use some help.