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    Alerts not being emailed


      I am fairly new to LEM and having an issue with the Email Action function working properly.  Currently the only place I have been successful in getting an email sent is in the configuration of the Email Tool itself.  If I do a test there to my address it works fine.  However I can't get it to work via an action to a rule I have setup or even testing it under Users.  Am I missing something?

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          nicole pauls

          If the test email message is working, we can rule some things out at least.


          First, make sure your user has a proper e-mail address - maybe something weird with the formatting?

          In rules, make sure the rule has your user selected and all the stuff filled out (template selected, fields filled out).


          Check for errors in the SolarWinds alerts filter (they start with Internal*) that relate to sending the email. If the rule is firing, you can confirm that it attempted to send the email there (you should see an "InternalCommands" alert), and if there were errors it'll post them back there, too. You can also use the Event Explorer to see all alerts related to a specific event, which might make them easier to find - look for the InternalRuleFired alert for the rule that's got the email message in it, then go Explore > Event, and it'll show you what actions/events were related to that rule.

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            Heiko Maier

            make sure you are not in test mode!

            Also check after changing the rule that you have activated the rule.


            I had the same issues and got perfect help from Solarwinds Tec Support.

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