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    SNIPPET: PowerShell Monitors that require a Server Name (Not IP)


      I've had all kinds of issues trying to get the computer name from an IP since SAM only sends an IP to the scripts.  I've found a very easy solution to this after picking my brain for WAY too long.  Some PowerShell functions require that you pass the computer name (Exchange being a key player), so getting this information into the script was really important.


      I used to pull the information from the System Information WMI Class, but that's time consuming and prone to timeouts.


      Here's what I've done instead:

      if ( '${IP}' -like "*.*.*.*" )
       $ServerIP = '${IP}'
           # Use this IP if this is not being run from within the SAM Script Editor
          $ServerIP = ""
      $FQDNServerName = ([System.Net.Dns]::GetHostbyAddress($ServerIP)).HostName
      $ServerName     = $FQDNServerName.Split(".")[0].ToUpper()

      Since I normally use an alternate editor for my PowerShell Scripts (PowerGUI), this was the best way to handle the server name lookup.  It does have a restriction that it uses DNS to handle this lookup.  If you don't have DNS available, you may have to use another method.