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    CatTools isn't keeping all backups


      I have inherited an installed copy of Kiwi CatTools v3.6 Enterprise that isn't tracking changes.  I have what I believe is the same thing installed at another site which is working fine.  At this site, there is no notification of any changes.  Directory name of configs and dated configs are correct as the default.  Filenames are the default containing the device name and the time and datestamp in the filename.  The following is happening:

      * \reports\changes is no longer receiving any updates

      * report is never made when a configuration changes

      * report of the last run of device.backup.running config always shows "none" under changes even if a device's config changed

      * no email is sent when a configuration changes

      * \datedconfigs is no longer being updated

      * \configs always gets updated to the latest config file with a time and datestamp of the last time the activity was run.


      Does anyone have an idea on why this would be acting