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    Network Atlas - Nested Maps child vs parent


      stHopefully this is simple, but I have not been able to work it our.  I have a spoked topology where our HQ has links to each of the satalite offices.  I have a map that represents HQ and a seperate cloud for each of the saalite offices (i.e. London, Melbourne, NY City, etc.).  I have a master map (let's call it WAN)  that is linking all the maps together.


      This design allows me to drill down to a specific site, (use London as an example).  If I open the London map, it shows all the switches and routers on site and the map also contains an uplink to the WAN map so I can get back to the WAN map quickly when drilling down/up.  Repeat this concept for NY City and all other children maps.  If there is a problem with any device in London, the map turns red and the WAN map turns yellow because one of it's elements, the map of London, has changed status.


      The problem I have is when the WAN map turns yellow, it causes London, NY City, and all other child maps to turn yellow/red because each of the child items has a map back to the parent (which is now yellow/red).  This makes it difficult for me to see where the problem is.  In this situation It would be convenient if there was a way to make a parent map dependent upon a child's color, but the child not dependent upon the other siblings.

      To reiterate for clarity here is a sequence of events:

      1. London MAP goes Yellow - for whatever reason

      2. WAN map now turns Yellow (because there is a link to the London map)

      3. NY City goes yellow because the parent, WAN, has changed to yellow.

      4. Since all maps are now yellow, there is no way for us to determine why any are yellow.


      Bear in mind, my maps could be 4 or 5 levels deep.   Short of removing the uplink from the map, is there a way to do what I am explaining (sticking with my example) so that the status of London does not affect the status of NY City?